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About Us

Creating A Win-Win-Win Solution

We work with brands from all over the world to bring exciting products to the Canadian marketplace. Helping brands achieve better results with online selling in Canada with customized solutions dispatched within Canada. We provide end to end service from brokering and importing finished goods to finished product quality control.

As a licensed distribution management center, our approved warehouses have passed fire, health, and safety inspection. Here in Canada, we have extensive rules and regulations regarding the products permitted to be sold in Canada. Our customer trusts the brands we carry and they continue to buy because we understand our role in the retail chain, which is to provide an exceptional end to end service.

Contact us today to see how we can work together to bring your exciting brand to the online market.

Our Services

Good Quality Product Listings

Grow and protect your brand's integrity. Our inhouse specialist will optimize product details pages, update quality images, organic SEO optimization, and customized sales copy to maximize success.

  • Improve product detail pages
  • Merge or split product pages
  • Remove duplicate listings
  • Report listing abuse
  • Investigate unauthorized sellers

Strategic Amazon Representation

Ensure your brand is represented properly on the Amazon Canada marketplace. With +4000 real customer reviews, our customers trust the brands we carry.

  • Product reviews
  • Increased buy box eligibility
  • Advance keyword planning
  • Dynamic biding strategies
  • Map Agreement

Optimal Inventory Logistics and Management

Accurate forecasting on the Amazon marketplace is critical to handle oversupply to demand. As your brand begins to grow we pull more inventory to accommodate for growth.

  • Broker and import services
  • Accurate forcasted fill rates
  • Decrease order defect rate (ODR)
  • Quality control
  • FBA Prep Services

How we do it

Receiving Product Direct - No dropshipping

We buy your product direct so that you can focus on doing more of what you love.

Inventory Control

Ensure your product is in stock when customers are ready to buy our advanced inventory management system manages inventory levels to forecast demand and fill rates.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers mean repeat business. We know this is important and we deliver on all points.

Let's build a win-win-win solution together!

Positive action moves us forward. We're committed to building healthy thriving business partnerships that last.